Capt. Kostas Katsikias on the new CAR issued by the Indian DGCA.

Statement of FSTC Europe's Chairman Capt. Kostas Katsikias in the latest FLYER TALK Newsletter, regarding the amendment of the new CAR implementation, issued by India DGCA.
We, at FSTC Europe are welcoming the introduction of the new CAR's and commit ourselves that all our offered training and syllabi comply as per the new requirements with effect on the 01. October 2016 announced by India DGCA.
We appreciate this decision taken, which will clearly separate kind of offered Type Rating trainings, where advantage has been taken by several Training Organizations to offer much less training and below the acceptable International Standards due to previous gaps in legislation.
The new CAR implementation issued by India DGCA sets a clear mark of highest quality standards in training requirements within the worldwide professional Aviation training area.
Capt. Kostas Katsikias
Chairman FSTC Europe