Pilot Training In India

FSTC Europe has a proven bond with the Aviation Market of India. We are proud to have provided professional training to more than 300 Indian CPL holders since the last two years, broading their horizons to the global Aviation market. 

FSTC Europe ,seeking to provide the best service and easy access to our Sales Representatives in INDIA for our respected clients, has recently launched the toll free number 1-800-3000-FSTC (3782) through which our future trainees can reach our Sales Representatives in their close vicinity.

FSTC Europe suggests all our Honoured Clients to visit one of our dedicated offices in Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad or Bangalore in order to receive all the information they may need for their upcoming training. No hidden Costs, No Agents, No Suspicious Training, No Corner Cuts to reduce Price and Quality.
We highly recommend to all trainees, before finalizing and committing to a training provider, to make sure the given training is according to the New DGCA CAR effective October 1st 2016, where special attention should be given to the Training Devices used by the Training Centres.
As per New DGCA CAR effective October 1st 2016, all the FSTDs used for Type Rating Endorsements, should be Level C/D Simulator (FBS or FFS) for both Jet Induction and Type Rating Training. For the Jet Induction / MCC, the appropriate devices to be used are FNPT II, MCC Certified but not less than Level 5. When the Jet Induction / MCC is combined with a Type Rating Course, the respective Jet Induction / MCC Training Device should be the same Simulator Type as the Type Rating received. 

FSTC Europe has joined hands with Major Groups in India for expanding its network in the Asian Region.

Soon our Simulator Centers in India will be ready to serve the majority of the Asian Market.

FSTC Europe works in such way that no trainee has to wait the next available slot to complete his/her training.

Every month we welcome more batches of Indian students and we provide them with the Aviation training they seek. One look at our testimonials will convince you that FSTC Europe is the ideal Aviation Academy for new pilots coming from this magnificent country.