Based on the MOU recently signed between Hellenic National Defense General Staff (GEETHA) and the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA), for recognition of the previous flight experience to all Flight Crews of the Hellenic Armed Forces (Army, Navy and Air Force), FSTC EUROPE undertakes the responsibility of the preparation for our Armed Forces colleagues to get them ready for a PART.FCL Licence Issuance in a Special Price.
For better clarification, HCAA may not issue a PART.FCL Licence to Armed Forces Aviators with the submission of the “Flight Hours Credit Certification” given through the MOU, ONLY.
The given “Flight Hours Credit Certification” constitutes only as a prove of the Aviator’s experience (Credit of Experience). With this Certification, the Armed Forces Aviators MUST contact an ATO where the Head of Training will decide the suitable training according to PART.FCL in order to proceed for the final Check Ride (Skill Test) including ratings such as SEP & SEP/IR, MEP & MEP/IR, etc.
There is no Credit for MCC through the MOU for the Air Force Fighter Pilots. (except F-4 Phantom). In case MCC is required, it has to be done through an ATO.
The ‘Flight Hours Credit Certification’ gives the right to HCAA to issue the PART.FCL Licence only for “Multi Pilot Aircraft” Pilots with recency of 30 flight hours in the past semester, with a valid Type Rating Endorsement.
Preparation Training starting from 1350 Euros including ELP and HCAA Licence Endorsement Fees.
For further information and details, please contact us on 210-556 3339 or  6983-507764 or send us your  “flight hours credit certification”  at  [email protected] in order to give us the chance to suggest you the best solution to your needs.