Multi Crew Cooperation | Jet Induction Training

You are a Flight Licence holder and you want to start a training for your first Type Rating! Then you definitely have to accomplish the FSTC Europe -MCC- Multi Crew Cooperation Course. This course will teach you the way to communicate and operate in a Multi Crew environment.

If your previous flight experience was only on a Piston Engine Aircraft, then you definitely have to attend the FSTC EUROPE Jet Orientation Training -JOT- before you proceed for any Type Rating training.

Recently, the most prominent Airlines around the world have been requiring from new pilots applying for a job with them to have completed an Airline Pilot Standards MCC -APS MCC- Course. This is course oriented to an Airline Standard and usually is in coordination with a specific Airline.

Many different than EASA Authorities has inserted in their Training Standards the Jet Induction Training -JIT- which is a combination of MCC and JOT. FSTC Europe JIT is designed in such a way to comply initially with INDIAN DGCA standards able to be customized according to any other Aviation Authority’s requirements.